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Portfolio - AxWax

Delegates of Culture

This long-running Cambridge-based Hip-Hop crew has just commissioned me to develop their web presence for the new decade! Still awaiting input from their designer, I have developed all the necessary backend functionality for tight integration with their twitter, facebook and myspace pages.



A monthly magazine, produced entirely by people with experience of homelessness, Flack needed a bespoke user database allowing them to measure the positive effects their work has on their members. Developed in PHP / MySQL and using a friendly touch screen interface for logging volunteer hours, the database has been so successful that they instantly requested work on an expanded version to be started. And an updated webpage. And IT support…

-> (work in progress)

The Humanitarian Centre

I’ve been asked by The Humanitarian Centre to extend their website to accommodate for their forthcoming Global Health Year, allowing guest authors to create content and to integrate their page with existing tools and social networks.


Moments under Lamplight

I was asked by RLA, Professor of English and Radio Presenter, to create a website to serve as an audio blog/podcast, archive for his writings and accompaniment to his radio show, Evening under Lamplight. Moments under Lamplight is the result.


Road to Mongolia

A group of people taking part in the Mongolia Charity Rally, hand-delivering a 4×4 vehicle to a childrens’ charity asked me to create a custom backend for their website allowing them to update their diary with multimedia content from the field.


Swaggnificent (Mini Site)

Being pleased with the prompt delivery of their label’s site, ZY Records asked me to create a mini site promoting the launch of their upcoming artist Tenny Ten’s new single with a deadline of three days.


Tracing Tea

International documentary production company Maximum Exposure Productions needed reliable and affordable hosting for their media-rich Tracing Tea project website… And a multitude of bugs and security vulnerabilities fixed… Have I mentioned it needed to be done within 3 days?


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